There are infinite ways that we can raise money for NPSW and create awareness for Nail Patella Syndrome.


Of course cash donations are the best way to raise funds, and we have made it easier for you to donate to NPSW by using PayPal. There is a link on the home page.


One of the ways that you can help our NPSW raise funds is by using the website as your search engine or place to shop from. All you need to do is enter Nailpatella Syndrome Worldwide into the website and every time you click a penny is donated to NPSW by the Good Search organization. If you shop online and use Good Search to find your stores and purchase through them a percentage of your purchase goes to NPSW. By passing on this link to your family and friends you are helping NPSW raise funds without actually having to ask people for money.


Many home businesses such as Pampered Chef also offer fundraising ideas where you host a party in your home and a portion of your sales goes to your charity of choice (NPSW)


If you have a fundraising idea, let us know, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.


The main fundraising goal of NPSW is to raise funds to provide educational conferences around the country for those affected by Nail Patella Syndrome. All monies raised are used primarily for this purpose.


P.S. Did you know that your donation could be worth twice as much? Many companies will match their employees gifts to charitable organizations. Check with your employer to learn if this valuable benefit is available to you.